Friday, 24 December 2010

Lunarize Gallery

Take a look at my new gallery at Lunarize!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

♥ Its that time again... new Christmas Card designs! ♥

A little taster of the cute Christmas cards I designed for this year... hopefully available soon on; I will be keeping everyone updated. More coming shortly! :)

Monday, 1 November 2010

New Print Work: Sacred World "Planet Health" Exhibition

A few months ago I was asked to create twelve flash animations/screen savers and design over two hundred print images for a brand new exhibition on show now in New Delhi, India. The client, The Sacred World Foundation, is a state of the art research and design think tank whose projects explore innovation by building bridges between technological and traditional cultures. On their website, Sacred World describe their "Planet Health" exhibition as follows:

"The 'Planet Health' exhibition is a collection of 'state-of-the-future' multimedia, interactive, digital museum and communication designs that will allow people to explore the concept and experience of health from multiple perspectives and approaches. Starting from the concept of health and alternative perspectives of the body, the project illustrates new visions and tools for a healthy society, to create in turn a healthy country and planet. The project presents this vision across a spectrum of disciplines using many forms of visual and performing arts, ancient sciences and modern design and cutting edge interaction design and computer science to communicate the vision."

This huge interactive exhibition will be on show for the next few months and was funded by the Health and Culture ministries of the Indian government, with the support and approval of the Dalai Lama; as the biggest and most work-intensive commission I've completed thus far, I'm both relieved and delighted to say that the client loved the visual style and quality of the work. This makes me very happy. :) I'll also soon be uploading several of the Planet Health screen savers to my portfolio site for free download and easy installation to your very own computer, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Friday, 13 August 2010

New! Personal Work: Two Geishas, 'Olive' and 'Rose'

These two lovely Japanese ladies are also available as gallery quality giclée prints, canvasses or iPhone skins over at the fabulous Society6.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Illustration Friday: Giant {Topic set 2nd July}

Just finished... "giant" dandelions for Illustration Friday! Also Part I of a forthcoming series of illustrations about herbal remedies for pregnancy. Here's the COLOURlovers palette below.

Friday, 2 July 2010

New! Twelve desktop wallpapers to download from my portfolio!

You can now visit the brand-new download section of my portfolio site to view and save some of my most popular illustrations as desktop wallpapers! These twelve colourful, stylish wallpapers are each available in resolutions to suit any Mac, PC or Laptop desktop, and will be regularly updated with more to add to your collection. Enjoy!

Monday, 21 June 2010

♥ Meet Lily. ♥

New! Portfolio prints now available at Søciety6!

Visit my brand new Studio at Søciety6 to buy my most popular portfolio images, not just as gallery quality Giclée prints, but also Laptop, Mac, iPhone and iPod skins!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Design in a Hailstorm #10: Maral Sassouni

Today we have the vibrant, lively, watercolour-and-ink portfolio of Paris-based illustrator Maral Sassouni...

"Using watercolor, ink, gouache, and the occasional pixel, Maral tackles assignments with enthusiasm and fluency, producing work that has been published widely by editorial and publishing clients around the world as well as some corporate, advertising and design firms."

Maral's client list includes the Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Harper Collins, and Microsoft, to name but a few. Wow.

FFFFOUND! Daily Find #9: Pushmepullyou Design

Mmm... a lovely Daily Find of printed stationary, cards, gifts and even tees from Eleanor at Pushmepullyou, a design boutique supplying design, illustration, identity, pattern and more:

"Eleanor loves animals; you name it, she's probably drawn it! Eleanor's unique graphic perspective aims to simplify line and playfully arrange form to capture the essence of each animal she draws. She's well-known for her graphic take on our feathered, furry, and fuzzy friends, and her illustration career has grown from its rock poster roots with jobs for clients such as Keds, Giro, Urban Outfitters, and Wilco."

You can follow Eleanor on Twitter, keep up to date with her blog, or buy gorgeous things from the Pushmepullyou shop, which is offering free shipping for Spring. Hooray!

Friday, 11 June 2010

New! Personal Work, 'Bird of Paradise'

Design in a Hailstorm #9: Josie Portillo

If you enjoy wonderfully skewed perspectives, whimsical character design and retro styling, LA illustrator and animator Josie Portillo is definitely one to keep an eye on. Josie's interest in subjects as eclectic as UFOs, mid-century design and the songs of Edith Piaf shine through in her romantic, haunted artworks and animations, all mysteriously populated by pirates, thieves, and kissing couples. Some of Josie's brilliant artworks are available as prints from her Etsy shop, and my favourites - full of tiny, engaging details, including the charming 'La Vie en Rose' series - are below.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

FFFFOUND! Daily Find #8: Katie Kirk

Today's Daily Find is from Katie Kirk, a graphic designer and illustrator living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Katie's clean, simple portfolio has been designed in the form of a blog, each update perfectly showcasing a new artwork or project, which can range from print, greetings and graphic design through to children's books. Katie also co-runs EightHourDay - a multi-disciplinary, multi-talented design boutique - with her husband, Nathan Strandberg:

"Our goal is to create work that is honest. Solutions that are exploratory, educational and inspirational. Creative that is conceptually interesting and visually stunning. Design with the belief that process and collaboration should be as exciting as the end result."

Katie's beautiful, clean-edged vector designs translate perfectly into patterns, combining a playful use of graphics with typography and sophisticated colour palettes to create stunning artworks. Some of these are available as hand-screenprinted prints from the EightHourDay Etsy shop; my favourites are below, along with a couple of COLOURlovers palettes inspired by them. 

Design in a Hailstorm #8: Jing Zhang

Today, Oriental ingredients and a Western recipe result in a few delicious excerpts from the scrumptious portfolio of London-based artist and designer Jing Zhang. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

FFFFOUND! Daily Find #7: J Fletcher Design

Jay Fletcher has been working as a designer, illustrator, and art director in Charleston, South Carolina since 2001, and his slick, glossy portfolio is an amazing body of work which includes illustration, graphic design, and design for both web and print.

"My bedrock philosophy is simple – it’s all about the work. I believe in the power of visual communication. To tell you the truth, I really believe in it. Frankly, I’m sort of in love with it. Whether you’re a mom & pop or a Fortune 500, design is the face of your business and the foot you put forward. It makes your first impression and speaks volumes on your behalf. When done correctly, it’s money in the bank. From the quick project to the monumental challenge, I believe nothing is routine and everything is an opportunity to shine."

My favourites of Jay's work include these fantastic posters, which brilliantly combine warm and cool colours together with typography to create a contemporary spin on the classic vintage travel poster. You'll also find COLOURlovers palettes based on these gorgeous designs below...

Design in a Hailstorm #7: Jen Lobo

Well, we're well overdue for a blog update... so here's another not-so-daily (but very beautiful) update featuring Californian illustrator and painter Jen Lobo:

"Jen Lobo has a great affinity for all things feathered and furry, avian and aquatic. Her work is a testament to that love for the natural world with a blend of human themes of love, loss, tragedy and triumph."

I've been a fan of Jen's work for a couple of years and have been meaning to feature her on the blog for some time. Represented by the Jennifer Vaughn illustration agency in the States, her illustrations have the traditional, handcrafted feel to them unique to those who draw and paint from scratch to create their artworks. Jen's gorgeous paintings, however, also benefit from rich, quirky, humorous attention to detail and a genuine sensitivity to (and obvious love for) flora and fauna alike. 

As well as her online portfolio, Jen also runs a very sweet and funny blog - with updates not only about upcoming exhibitions and brand new artworks, but also engaging stories about her family - and a Facebook page, on which she amusingly reveals: "I was trying to explain what I do to a parent at my son's school the other day. He looked at me a little confused and said, 'So you paint stories about relationships about people, but you don't paint people, you paint animals?' Well. Sort of."

Sunday, 30 May 2010

FFFFOUND! Daily Find #6: Lovely Package®

Lovely Package's posts feature frequently on FFFFOUND!, and a good thing too. The site is a fantastic resource for visual artists and designers of all kinds, showcasing the best, most beautiful packaging designs to be found today. Designing packaging, of course, is an art in itself, but the designs on Lovely Package combine graphic design, typography, illustration and form to create little works of art that are not just visually appealing, but also functional. Lovely Package also offers readers the chance to submit their own designs, leading to brilliant work by young designers also being featured.

You can follow Lovely Package's tweets, add them to your likes on Facebook, follow their feed, or simply keep up to date with their FFFFOUND! posts. I do all of the above; wouldn't want to miss anything! Below you can find some of my favourite recent Lovely Package posts, along with COLOURlovers palettes inspired by the designs.

Philippe Becker