Monday, 1 November 2010

New Print Work: Sacred World "Planet Health" Exhibition

A few months ago I was asked to create twelve flash animations/screen savers and design over two hundred print images for a brand new exhibition on show now in New Delhi, India. The client, The Sacred World Foundation, is a state of the art research and design think tank whose projects explore innovation by building bridges between technological and traditional cultures. On their website, Sacred World describe their "Planet Health" exhibition as follows:

"The 'Planet Health' exhibition is a collection of 'state-of-the-future' multimedia, interactive, digital museum and communication designs that will allow people to explore the concept and experience of health from multiple perspectives and approaches. Starting from the concept of health and alternative perspectives of the body, the project illustrates new visions and tools for a healthy society, to create in turn a healthy country and planet. The project presents this vision across a spectrum of disciplines using many forms of visual and performing arts, ancient sciences and modern design and cutting edge interaction design and computer science to communicate the vision."

This huge interactive exhibition will be on show for the next few months and was funded by the Health and Culture ministries of the Indian government, with the support and approval of the Dalai Lama; as the biggest and most work-intensive commission I've completed thus far, I'm both relieved and delighted to say that the client loved the visual style and quality of the work. This makes me very happy. :) I'll also soon be uploading several of the Planet Health screen savers to my portfolio site for free download and easy installation to your very own computer, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

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