Wednesday, 9 June 2010

FFFFOUND! Daily Find #7: J Fletcher Design

Jay Fletcher has been working as a designer, illustrator, and art director in Charleston, South Carolina since 2001, and his slick, glossy portfolio is an amazing body of work which includes illustration, graphic design, and design for both web and print.

"My bedrock philosophy is simple – it’s all about the work. I believe in the power of visual communication. To tell you the truth, I really believe in it. Frankly, I’m sort of in love with it. Whether you’re a mom & pop or a Fortune 500, design is the face of your business and the foot you put forward. It makes your first impression and speaks volumes on your behalf. When done correctly, it’s money in the bank. From the quick project to the monumental challenge, I believe nothing is routine and everything is an opportunity to shine."

My favourites of Jay's work include these fantastic posters, which brilliantly combine warm and cool colours together with typography to create a contemporary spin on the classic vintage travel poster. You'll also find COLOURlovers palettes based on these gorgeous designs below...

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