Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Design in a Hailstorm #7: Jen Lobo

Well, we're well overdue for a blog update... so here's another not-so-daily (but very beautiful) update featuring Californian illustrator and painter Jen Lobo:

"Jen Lobo has a great affinity for all things feathered and furry, avian and aquatic. Her work is a testament to that love for the natural world with a blend of human themes of love, loss, tragedy and triumph."

I've been a fan of Jen's work for a couple of years and have been meaning to feature her on the blog for some time. Represented by the Jennifer Vaughn illustration agency in the States, her illustrations have the traditional, handcrafted feel to them unique to those who draw and paint from scratch to create their artworks. Jen's gorgeous paintings, however, also benefit from rich, quirky, humorous attention to detail and a genuine sensitivity to (and obvious love for) flora and fauna alike. 

As well as her online portfolio, Jen also runs a very sweet and funny blog - with updates not only about upcoming exhibitions and brand new artworks, but also engaging stories about her family - and a Facebook page, on which she amusingly reveals: "I was trying to explain what I do to a parent at my son's school the other day. He looked at me a little confused and said, 'So you paint stories about relationships about people, but you don't paint people, you paint animals?' Well. Sort of."

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