Saturday, 12 June 2010

FFFFOUND! Daily Find #9: Pushmepullyou Design

Mmm... a lovely Daily Find of printed stationary, cards, gifts and even tees from Eleanor at Pushmepullyou, a design boutique supplying design, illustration, identity, pattern and more:

"Eleanor loves animals; you name it, she's probably drawn it! Eleanor's unique graphic perspective aims to simplify line and playfully arrange form to capture the essence of each animal she draws. She's well-known for her graphic take on our feathered, furry, and fuzzy friends, and her illustration career has grown from its rock poster roots with jobs for clients such as Keds, Giro, Urban Outfitters, and Wilco."

You can follow Eleanor on Twitter, keep up to date with her blog, or buy gorgeous things from the Pushmepullyou shop, which is offering free shipping for Spring. Hooray!

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