Saturday, 22 September 2007

Retinal Dope - The Illustrative Designer Podcast

...So I got this really cool email last night from Von Glitschka, the creator of Illustration Class is a massive source of information and inspiration for any creative, providing advice, creative exercises, pdf handouts, step-by-step tutorials and more. In the 'Shared Creative Processes' section, you'll find working methods shared by nearly forty contemporary illustrators and designers, including Illustration Mundo's creator, Nate Williams; also Jorge Alderete, Pietari Posti and Saul Rosenbaum. Let's just say that, as online creative resources go, its pretty amazing. Von is also the creator of The Illustrative Designer Podcast, another great site providing "Fun, informative and inspiring discussions about illustration, design, creativity and everything in between."

Anyway, I could enthuse about these sites for ages, but what I really wanted to say was: YAY! I'm going to be featured in the next edition of The Illustrative Designer Podcast... in the super-cool Retinal Dope section! Thanks Von! I will post here when the new edition comes out.

Here's some links to Von Glitschka's illustration, design and creative resource websites. He's obviously a very, very, very busy man - add these to your favourites! Also deserving of special mention is Texturebook: "Created by a professional for professionals, these organic textures are timeless in application and will quickly become a favorite resource that will spark the imagination, inspire creativity and infuse your art with an authentic, organic flair." Nice.

Resources:, The Illustrative Designer Podcast
Illustration: Vonster
Design: Glitschka Studios
Blog: Art Backwash
Fun: Keyboard-Characters
Texturebook Site
Buy Texturebook

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