Monday, 17 September 2007

:{Custom52}: ... Playing without a full deck.

So, I gave in and created this blog yesterday - something I've been thinking about, on and off, for a while. But its just been one of those items on the neverending list I have called: stuff I really should do. I've been working on Christmas card illustrations though, and to be honest, am feeling completely devoid of inspiration - being surrounded by beaches and sunshine is not helpful when trying to design a snowman which is both stylish and innovative - so I decided to distract myself with something useful for a change. Et voila! At 4am this morning, post-bar-drinking and pre-sleep, I wrote a first post which was intended to be witty, concise and fascinating; obviously, when I looked back at it this morning - well, afternoon - anyway, when I got up - it was, of course, complete and utter rubbish. So please forgive me if this still doesn't make sense.

I thought I might start - if you don't mind - with a really cool site I stumbled on yesterday called
Custom 52. Its a playing card design competition. Here's the blurb from the site:

"Quite simply, Custom52 is our brainchild, meant to inspire and bring together the artistic community in a new and exciting way. We thought, what better way to showcase many many artists work together in one collection than a deck of cards. It's compact, convenient and functional as well.

It's also an experiment... to put something out there that everyone can enjoy and spread across the land. We wanted to facilitate and be a part of something that really takes off and grows to worldwide communities... but we'll see, that's up to you guys! so best of luck and ENJOY!

Custom52 is an online design community using playing cards as our canvas. Entries are graded by your peers and only the strong will survive. The top design for each playing card will be chosen to go to print and a deck of the top submissions will be produced. The deck will then go on sale for the world to enjoy..."

Nice idea, eh? I had a look at some of the designs submitted and they're great; competition is seriously stiff. But I've entered for fun anyway - my version of the Queen of Hearts. Here you go:
Those of you who've seen my portfolio might recognise the image; its an old Valentines card design. But pretty much perfect in this context too, so - lazily - I avoided creating something new. We'll see if I get anywhere with it, I'll keep you posted if I hear anything. But its a great website to visit for ideas and inspiration even if you're not planning on entering. As the competition info enthuses - dramatically, several times - ENJOY!

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Bibi said...

Hi Jenny, great to see that you created a blog to share ideas and new illustrations and thanks for the link. But I'm actually from Brazil.

Thanks again and congratulations,