Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Jenny won the AOI Pricing Survey Prize Draw!

From the Association of Illustrators website today:

"This Spring AOI sent out a call for information on fees for recent commissions to enable us to update our Pricing Report - the incentive? A whole free year's membership to the AOI, worth up to £150! AOI are very pleased to announce that the winner of the Prize Draw is
Jenny Lloyd.

'When I filled in the AOI Pricing Survey, I did so because I knew the information is important to the AOI and vital for the reference of other illustrators. I certainly never expected to win the competition! I'm so pleased to win a year's free membership, because the services that the AOI provide are essential to me and to my business, and I always renew my membership without fail. This is a great bonus for me as now I have more in my budget for other forms of self promotion. Thank you so much!'

Information on fees sent in from illustrators revealed that in general fees have not gone up in the two years since the original report was published, however we have been able to update the actual examples of prices received, giving an accurate historical report of fees up to the beginning of 2007.
This updated AOI Report: Illustration Fees and Standards of Pricing 2007 can be seen


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