Saturday, 5 March 2011

A Tale to Tell Project

Tale to Tell is an illustrated, collaborative storytelling project where each week a new illustrator/artist will be invited to submit the next part of the story, with a text entry and an illustration to accompany it. Each artist responds to the story as it was left by the previous, taking the story wherever they wish and leaving it open for the next person to continue! Last week I submitted my chapter of the story with the accompanying illustration, which you can also find online here. Enjoy!

Chapter 7 - Jenny Lloyd
"The bag of secrets spilled and spilled, the river flowed and flowed, and the two wolves swam helplessly along behind, clusters of secrets spinning and twinkling in the flood. A chance wave brought Father Wolf closer to the escaping secrets, which seemed to float into the air above the rushing waters; a moment later he realised they were actually rising into the sky. The astonished wolves scrambled desperate and panting onto the river bank, eyes raised to the night, where sparkling secrets were being drawn one by one into the darkness above."

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