Monday, 7 March 2011

Because Love Shouldn't End With Valentines

Here's the love-themed post I created for lovely Andrea Pich's blog "The Art of Staying Up All Night." We posted it in March since we decided that Valentines Day is overrated and Love shouldn't end in February! As ever, for a closer look at the images, just click each one. Please take a peek at all the gorgeous things I found, many are available on Behance to drool over or buy on Etsy for your very own :)

1. Three covers of  ‘LOVE’ magazine
2. Three covers (issues 2, 3 and 5) of ‘I love you’ magazine

3. ‘Daleks Need Love Too’ by BrownPaperBunny on Etsy
4. ‘The Silence of Love’ Headless Heroes album cover, by Irana Douer
5. ‘Leash Called Love’ by Si Scott
6. Song Title Canvases by Adam Dedman
7. Love.Type by SHCH Graphics Group
8. True Love Carnival Tickets by vintagebliss on Etsy
9. ‘Ampersand Love’ by Patrycja Zywert

10. ‘Just For You’ The Book by Pablo Correa Wentlant
11. Kissing couple by Juliana Veloso on Flickr
12. Handmade jewellery by ragtrader vintage on Etsy
13. ‘Why We Love Boston in Winter’ by Jessica Hische

14. ‘Lust For Love’ photoshoot by Nicoline Patricia Malina, on Behance
15. Love Bird Pinwheel Bouquet, by rule42 on Etsy
16. ‘Spanish Girl in Love’ by toniwall on Etsy
17. ‘Be Mine’ by Q. Cassetti, on Behance
18. Elementary School Blackboard, by Bettie New on Flickr

19. ‘A Journey of Inseparable Love’ by Nicoline Patricia Malina, on Behance
20. ‘Great Expectations’ and ‘The Start of Something Beautiful’ by Gabriella Barouch, on Society6
21. Red Heart Pin by 2212 jewellery on Etsy
22. 'Love Soars' heart necklace by birdqueen on Etsy
23. ‘Everything Will Be Ok, Love’ by Hindu Holliday on Etsy
24. Silhouette shabby French gift tags by jolipapier on Etsy
25. Love pendant necklace by TheUniquePendant on Etsy
26. Love-themed photos, by Images by Claire on Flickr
27. Love-themed photos, by Images by Claire on Flickr


Whimsically Random said...

Lovely finds !!!! :)

Erica Sharp said...

Such a beautiful post!! LOVE :)

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