Monday, 10 May 2010

Design in a Hailstorm #4: Lissy Laricchia

I've just stumbled upon the work of Lissy Laricchia, a photographer whose many incredibly beautiful, enchanting images can be seen within her fairytale Flickr sets. Lissy's amazing photostream is made up of whimsical, elaborately arranged scenes, with dreamlike, feminine characters carefully arranged in lace-draped boudoirs, bare rooms, forests and cornfields. Some photographs are even innovatively taken through sheets, with a gorgeous use of lighting and swathes of fabric; the 'Get Back in your Book' series features models 'hanging' in the air, fictional characters still firmly attached to the stories from which they came, yet simultaneously attempting escape. My favourite of these neo-conceptual photosets is 'Let's Play Pretend,' starring a modern-day Alice amongst surreal, magical 'Wonderlandscapes.' Here's Lissy's Flickr profile:

"I live in Canada, where the moose are. I take pictures of anything that will stay still long enough. If you asked me if I would rather see one of the seven wonders or Las Vegas, I would always say Las Vegas. I admire Dr. Seuss and Chuck Palahniuk more than you (sorry), and you bet your ass I would sooner tear out my own eyes then spell Panic! At The Disco without the exclamation point."

Need I say more?

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