Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Design in a Hailstorm #1: NEW! Post Daily!

The title to this post may seem a little strange - since one of the basic principles of blogging is to update little and often - but recently I've felt that my blog is getting a little neglected, what with all the illustration work, self-promotion, film watching and tea drinking I feel obligated to do daily. So from now on I'm going to make more of a concerted effort to update every single day with lovely, funny and/or interesting snippets of design miscellany.

Here's the first: Sam Potts' 'Tax Form for the Marginally Employed,' published by the New York Times today. To view full size, here it is at TARGET="_blank". This is very, very funny if you're a freelance designer, illustrator... or something. In the future my tax return will list all 'medical and dental expenses: naps, toothbrushes, prunes, garlic dill pickles, elixirs an tonics, etc.' as tax deductable. Wait, does 'elixirs and tonics' include alcohol?

Follow Sam Potts on Twitter here:, and view his graphic design work (he's currently in China 'in search of points unknown') here:

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